Our Products
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Residential Telephony from $ 21.00 We provide telephone service, we guarantee high quality and configure their computers. You have the option of using your own phone equipment or acquire through our services.
Residential Internet from $ 21.00 Our high speed Internet competes in the market for quality and cost for all budgets, allowing you to enjoy the best of times and save at the same time.
Residential Fax at $ 25.00 The support service Fax Residential inlcudes a highly stable and clean, with parameters optimized for the transmit / receive faxes online. Your information is guaranteed in both directions.
Business Telephony at $ 25.00 We guarantee greater volume of calls, custom configuration of your communications, call waiting, call redirecionamiento, voicemail; we have all the options you need to keep in touch with their customers.
Internet Business from $ 40.00 A High Speed, unlimited bandwidth, technical support that includes the configuration of your internal network, high technology equipment reliability. Optimizing your network. Discounts associated with third (CQ Developemnt) development and maintenance of their websites.
Business Pack from $ 80.00 This attractive package will guarantee services High Speed Internet and two (2) telephone lines with all the guarantees of the previous two packages, with the lines optimized for fax service, allowing a monthly savings of $ 10.00 taking an additional line..